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Awareness in leadership

Through Zen Coaching I work in depth with self-knowledge, vision, commitment, communication, and connection with ourselves and with others. A better awareness of the environment, better understanding of ourselves, of our teams and colleagues for optimal development of our behaviours and effective decision making.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching is a powerful tool to spur professional effectiveness. It allows anyone who wants to grow and develop themselves to do so by stepping back, so as to put things into perspective. This helps the person to become aware of their patterns of behavior and how those patterns impact their relationship with themselves and with others.

Collective Coaching in Leadership

Collective coaching brings together a group of people who share professional challenges. During the sessions, they learn together and cultivate “collective intelligence” through a process that structures a speech, listening, reflection and action.


Create a space for reflection, feedback and work on oneself.


  • To provide key employees with support through a change of role, career or under a challenging time.

  • For leadership development: delegation, team management, assertive communication, optimization of personal efficiency.

  • To help employees to accept and adapt to changes and face professional challenges.

  • Achieving performance objectives and/or ambitious sales results.

  • To reflect on one’s career.

  • To adjust to expatriation 

  • To successfully deal with any other situation associated with professional development.


Create a place of trust to learn about a common intention, as well as to deal with actual and current situations of group members, and grow thanks to the diversity and collective intelligence of the group.


  • For existing work teams that want to improve their performance.

  • For newly arrived expatriate groups that seek to share their intercultural adaptation challenges and successfully integrate more quickly.

  • For groups of women who want to share their challenges linked to the lack of female models in companies and gain confidence with their own style of leadership.

  • For any other purpose associated with professional development that requires bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds who share a common interest.

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